5 Cases of People Fighting at Shops during Black Friday

5 Cases of crazy crowds, people filmed fighting at shops during Black Friday sales opening, at the stores. Black Friday Brawls and extreme scrimmage. A TV for a hustle, anyone…?!

Black Friday is the day that begins the holiday shopping season with significant discounts in many retail stores and department stores. And that makes people crazy!

Wow! you won’t believe how crazy people get during discount times! they are fighting like an apocalypse is coming and they won’t have a tv to watch it!

Black Friday is coming up pretty soon, so make sure you have your fighting skills up high!

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Mummified Penis Displayed in English Museum

Check out the pictures and videos below with the amazing real mummified penis displayed in a museum!

The perfect place for founding weird stuff is, of course, a museum. A weird object…. ok, let’s say it clear… A huge mummified penis was displayed by an English Museum! Check out the story and let’s take a ‘long’ look at the pictures and videos below!
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5 Wedding Brawls Caught on Tape

 5 Cases of Wedding Brawls Caught on Tape! Extreme photos and videos with wedding fights and mass brawls!

A wedding is supposed to be an event dedicated to love and happiness, but not everybody gets the chance to enjoy it. A mass brawl can ruin even a day in which people are celebrating one of the most beautiful moments of their life.

weding brawls caught on tape 600x329

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Horror Locust Invasion In Russia

Is it the end of the world, a plague… or just a swarm of locusts invading Russia? Check out photos and videos with the horror locust invasion in Russia that took place in July 2017.

You know that in Russia everything is possible so there’s no reason to wonder why locusts invaded that place! A dashcam filmed the terrifying invasion and the video became viral pretty quickly!

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Insane Speeding Car Crashes into House’s Roof

Crazy video and incredible pictures with an insane speeding SUV car that crashed into house’s rooftop in U.S.A.

Speed can make your adrenaline rise, but it also can cause damage and even lead you to your death! There are numerous cases of people ending hurt or on a roof because of speed-driving, so what’s to do …?

Drive safe and carefully! Seatbelts can save lives and attention can keep you and your family alive!

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